NFT based Decentralized Font Marketplace.

Font are Defi enabled NFTs(ERC1155), governed by DAO

Community-owned NFT based Font marketplace

While existing proprietary platforms control every aspect of the network for profit & commissions. Font.Community brings a new radical approach towards the marketplace. Decentralized – owned and managed by its users.


$FONT = NFT + DeFi + DAO

Font.Community building a decentralized network owned by a community that allows its content creators to gain the full value of their contribution and participation.

Unlimited Benefits

Features and benefits that you have never seen before

Font.Community is a decentralised community of Font designers, users, buyers and speculators.

Transfer Ownership
Facility for creators to transfer the ownership of their font to anyone.
Borrow Money
Font owners can borrow money against their font from lending protocols.
Buying & Selling
The platform facilitates users to buy, sell, and trade fonts.
Issuing the share
Creators can split the font ownership as share and start selling to the community.
Earn interest
Font owners can lend their font to earn additional interest.
No hussle way
Open, Transparent & Secure with Ethereum blockchain.

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Font.Community is a decentralized community of Font designers, users, buyers, and speculators. Font.Community is built to disrupt and democratize the font marketplace.

As a creator, you can do more than just selling. With Font.Community, you can sell the ownership, issue share, borrow money, earn interest. In fact, you can raise funds for your next great font.

Great!, We already gave access to a few early adapters. You can request the access by sending email to [email protected]

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I've been looking for font NFTs for so long. Choice of font is a huge design decision now. And centralized font market is a ridiculous space that doesn't adequately reward typographers. Now it's here!

Alex Atallah
Co-founder & CTO of @OpenSea

Are you paying attention as all digital content, including fonts, is going on-chain as NFTs?

Jake Brukhman
Founder- CoinFund

Great to see fonts as NFTs! Always thought about it. We believe fonts are a great use for NFTs!


If this isn't a potential gem then I don't know what is: turning fonts into NFT's. Brilliant usecase!

Stanley More

The all-new font experience with NFT and Defi.

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Say hello to $FONT – NFT based Decentralized Font Marketplace.

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